Playoffs and the Wildcards

Adam Whitaker

Chief TD of the States Chess Cup Saumik Narayanan has released the bracket for the post season which takes place following the 7-week regular season.

To solve the problem of the increased odds of making the playoffs for those teams in the smaller Southern Division there will be two wildcard spots available to the teams in the other divisions.

Each division will send their top two teams into the playoffs based first on match wins. Ties will be broken by game points.

The South will also send their two best performing teams, but they will first have to make it through a wildcard team to advance to the regular playoffs where the other division winners will be waiting to get started on their post season.

This creates a new opportunity for teams in the East, Central, and West.

The two third place teams that have the best match point records will be wildcards. Ties are again broken by game points.

Each of the two wildcard teams will then play one of the Southern Division winners. The winners of these two matches will advance to the regular playoff schedule.

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