Week 1 Match-ups

Adam Whitaker

Below is the original schedule for the first week of the States Chess Cup. Please note that team captains can agree to change the date and time within the same week as long as they agree before the originally scheduled time.

Also keep in mind that the times listed are for eastern time zone.

Eastern Division – All beginning at 7 PM Eastern
Maine vs. Pennsylvania – Tuesday 9/8
Maryland vs. Ohio – Wednesday 9/9
Massachusetts vs. New York – Thursday 9/10
Michigan vs. New Jersey – Friday 9/11

Southern Division – All beginning at 8 PM Eastern
Alabama vs. Virginia – Tuesday 9/8
Washington DC vs. South Carolina – Wednesday 9/9
Florida vs. North Carolina – Thursday 9/10
Georgia vs. Mississippi – Friday 9/11

Central Division – All beginning at 9 PM Eastern
Colorado vs. Oklahoma – Tuesday 9/8
Illinois vs. Nebraska – Wednesday 9/9
Iowa vs. Missouri – Thursday 9/10
Kansas vs. Minnesota – Friday 9/11

Western Division – All beginning at 10 PM Eastern
Arizona vs. Washington – Tuesday 9/8
Northern California vs. Oregon – Wednesday 9/9
Southern California vs. New Mexico – Thursday 9/10
Hawaii vs. Nevada – Friday 9/11

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