There Can Be Only One: States Chess Cup Playoffs Part 1

Adam Whitaker With the dust settling after the seven-week regular season of the inaugural year for the States Chess Cup, it is now time for the playoffs. Minnesota and Southern California earned wildcard spots for being the league’s best performing third place teams. Minnesota drew Virginia and Southern California faced Georgia – Virginia and Georgia […]


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The Final Countdown!

Here is a post written by the States Chess Cup’s chief tournament director Saumik Narayanan. It has been a very fun six weeks in the States Chess Cup. We’ve had a lot of great chess being played, with no shortage of upsets and nerve-wracking finishes! Here’s a quick update on the playoff picture for the […]

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Playoffs and the Wildcards

Adam Whitaker Chief TD of the States Chess Cup Saumik Narayanan has released the bracket for the post season which takes place following the 7-week regular season. To solve the problem of the increased odds of making the playoffs for those teams in the smaller Southern Division there will be two wildcard spots available to […]

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Week 2 Results and Standings

Adam Whitaker Below you will find the results of a very exciting week 2 and updated standings. If team captains or players see errors below, please email me at and I will get them corrected. After the seven week regular season each division will send their top two teams into the playoffs based first […]

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Standings and Week 2 Match-ups

Adam Whitaker With week 1 done, and many wrinkles ironed out, we move on to the second week of the 2020 States Chess Cup. Standings After 1 Week Eastern Division1. New York – 15.02. Ohio – 9.53. Pennsylvania – 8.54. New Jersey – 8.0 Michigan – 8.06. Maine – 7.57. Maryland – 6.58. Massachusetts – […]

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States Chess Cup: Week 1 Results

Here are the results for the first week of competition. If team captains see any errors please email Eastern Division 9/8/20 – Maine-Pennsylvania 7.5-8.59/9/20 – Maryland – Ohio 6.5-9.59/10/20 – Massachusetts – New York 1-159/11/20 – Michigan – New Jersey 8-8 Southern Division 9/8 – Alabama – Virginia 0-169/11 – Georgia – Mississippi 11.0-5.0 […]

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Week 1 Match-ups

Adam Whitaker Below is the original schedule for the first week of the States Chess Cup. Please note that team captains can agree to change the date and time within the same week as long as they agree before the originally scheduled time. Also keep in mind that the times listed are for eastern time […]

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States Chess Cup Rules

Rules for the 2020 States Chess Cup Teams Average USCF Rating for each week’s lineup must be below 2200 This applies to USCF Regular Rating – September Supplement If a player is unrated USCF, but as a FIDE rating, we will use their FIDE Rating + 100 If a player is unrated USCF and FIDE, […]

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